The power and reach of porn is truly magnificent. It is easy to underestimate the influence porn has over us humans because, well, many people tend to downplay just how much they love PORN and how much of it they consume in the first place. But where human instincts shy away from the truth, numbers, on the other hand, never lie.

And what the numbers say is truly magnificent. 

Did you know, for example, that adult pornographic material makes up almost 50% of content on the internet? Now that is truly astounding. I mean, we all know that porn is powerful and popular, but who would have thought that it occupies the same amount of space on the internet that every single other market does combine?

Pornhub alone boasts of a traffic of almost 80 million visitors, and that is just in one day. To put this into perspective even further, XVdeos receives more visitors per month than the most popular news outlet CNN, and even the giant social media platform, Twitter.

Of course what all of these tells us is that the world of porn is a remarkably expansive one. But it also doesn’t just stop there, it is also a quite lucrative one too, so much so that the adult porn market has been found to make more money than the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball combined.

Now that is truly mind-blowing stuff.


The Beauty of the Porn Market


The beauty of the porn market lies in its ever-increasing nature. Yes, the market is remarkably huge right now. But what’s more, it also keeps increasing every day. The traffic rate of the most popular sites has always recorded substantial year to year increase – an encouraging sign on its own, but also one that brings us to an even more remarkable truth. Not only is this market ever-increasing, but it is also highly accommodating. 

To put it simply, everybody and anybody can break into the porn market, secure a niche for themselves, and make an incredible amount of money.

Of course this was not always the case. Online porn and the internet adult industry has always been a lucrative endeavor, but back in the early days, only the extremely rich could get in. This is because to even get a website up and running, you had to pay hundreds of dollars for the most basic hosting, and then get to work on designing a basic website for thousands upon thousands of dollars.

That is just to get started, before even considering the cost of content and other associated activities. Luckily, things have really changed in the present moment. And they have changed for the better.

As opposed to the cumbersome and expensive process of the past, to build your own porn websites nowadays, you don’t even need to spend anything more than $50 – $100. And with this, you can get your porn hosting up and rolling, have yourself a highly professional template, and fill it with premium content that keeps your visitors coming back for more.

In this post we will show you how to do all of these, along with the right monetization strategies that are sure to see you earning a comfortable five figures or more every month. We will also be looking at other surefire strategies to make money and find success in the adult niche without even needing to build a porn website at all.


Step 1: Choose Your Niche


Choosing a niche is one of the most important steps of finding success in life, and the same goes for making money on the internet, and particularly making money in the adult market. You see, many people fail to realize this because as human beings we’re naturally wired to think that bigger is better.

So whenever we want to enter into a market, we tend to focus on widening our net as much as possible, so that we may cover as many products and categories as possible. 

This is usually a big, big problem.

First of all, bigger isn’t always better. The adult industry is not an infant market. It has been around for a long time now and will be around for even longer. What’s more, the market is huge enough that nobody can cover all of it.

What all of this is telling us is that the secret to carve out a successful income for yourself in this industry is not to dream wide and large and seek to capture every corner of the market. No, the best, most optimal strategy is to carve out a small niche for yourself, focus on that niche, and do your absolute best to corner that niche. The rationale for this is substantiated by a lot of sensible reasons.

First of all, it is a lot easier for anyone just starting out without millions of dollars in their budget account, to focus on a small region and capture that region, before even considering any expansion. 

Just $50 is enough for you to capture a significant niche in the porn world, but if you say you really want to diversify, then you may end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and not achieve any tangible breakthrough on any front, which brings us to the second point.

Apart from being cost effective, focusing on a niche instead of a general market is also infinitely more advisable because it takes less stress and guarantees better results. Even if you have thousands of dollars to spend, focusing on a general market will require paying so much attention to so many aspects, that your chances of success become significantly lowered. 

Focusing on a niche, however, helps you plan better and focus more, so that even without a lot of money to spare, you never feel as though anything is out of your control from the beginning of the entire process till the end.

Thirdly, there is the question of competition. Competition, or rather lack of it, is the key to success in such an industry as the adult industry. If you decide to enter into the porn tube niche, for example, and decide to become a general porn site, you will find yourself competing with websites such as Pornhub, XVdeos, Spankbang, and numerous others with years of experience and millions of dollars to spare.

Instead, the smart way would be to choose a narrow niche, such as cuckold niche, for example, and work towards becoming an authority in that niche. It is also advisable to pick a niche you really have a passion for, so that the day-to-day operation and management of the site becomes a whole lot easier for you.


Step 2: Buy a Domain Name


After deciding what niche you’re going to be focusing on, the next step is to buy yourself a domain name to kickstart the actual website creation process. A domain name is simply the URL address your visitors are brought to whenever they visit your site.

Popular domain names include “”, “”, and so on. And of course as you would have noticed, the most popular domain names tend to end in “.com”, although this is not an absolute law. 

Many domain names don’t end with “.com”, and they also go on to be successful websites regardless of the domain name endings. So first of all, an easy decision before choosing a domain name would be what you want your ending, or domain name extension, to be. Without a doubt, our recommendation is to use a domain ending in .com.

This is more familiar with a lot of people and prospective audience, and if you happen to choose a catchy domain that makes your brand stand out, you can be sure most people who want to visit your website directly will try out the .com extension first.

And speaking of selecting a catchy domain that makes your brand stand out, that is exactly what your priority should be when it comes to choosing a perfect domain name. You want something that is smooth on the lips, not too long, and very easy to remember.

This way your website becomes embedded inside the brains of anyone who visits your site, and before you know they’re able to return on their own without having to be directed.

Now when it comes to search engine optimization, many people believe that your domain name plays a significant role, although not as important as other SEO aspects. Still, this is something worth having in mind.

The prevailing theory is that Google and other search engines tend to favor websites whose domain names have a striking similarity with the content on the site, and the keyword search terms used by the user.

So, in short, when you’re choosing a domain, it is very well advisable to choose a domain name that reflects a major keyword in your niche. Also your domain has to give your prospective visitors a clear idea of what your website is all about. So for instance if you have chosen a niche about femdom BDSM, choosing a domain that involves both keywords would be the right way to go. So “” or “” would both be solid domain names to use in such a scenario. 

But of course you can’t always get a perfect match like that, meaning you may have to get creative. However, as long as you’re able to get one of your main keywords in there, and come up with something catchy enough to be memorable, then you have already done a good job.

Another thing to consider when it comes to choosing a domain name for your website is buying from the right registrar.


Registering a Domain


Registering a domain usually involves visiting a website belonging to a domain registrar, entering your preferred domain into the search bar to see if it’s still available, and finally adding your preferred domain to your cart and checking out.

Now an important question to consider here is, which domain registrar is the ideal one to register with? Usually there are lots of key factors that determine a good registrar. These include their pricing, their platform friendliness, support, additional perks that come with the package, and so on.

Having been in the industry for a long while, however, we have already tested a lot of these domain registrars and concluded on the two best options when it comes to optimal all-round results. These are: 





Both of these platforms provide basically everything you would expect from a domain provider, but most importantly they also excel in areas where others fail. They both provide who-is protection as a part of their services to protect your personal information from malicious individuals, or just friends and family who you don’t want to find you as the owner of the website.

They also offer impeccable customer service, a smooth and convenient website interface, along with other service add-ons that make them the ultimate value provider in this sphere.


Step 3: Select Your Web Hosting


Web hosting is crucial for any website that you see on the internet. You see, whenever you visit a website and view their content, read their blog articles, or watch their videos, what your browser is doing is getting all of that information right from the website’s server, where all of the files and content on that website is hosted.

That is why hosting is important for any website to be live on the internet. The very fact that you’re reading this guide on making sustainable income through the adult market is only possible because our website is hosted on a web server. 

Now one would think that choosing a host for your website would be an incredibly easy affair, perhaps one whose only requirements are to randomly search for a hosting platform, register, and start hosting. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Now it is true that the world of web hosting has come an incredibly long way in the last decade or so. It used to be that before you could host any website on the internet, you had to go through a very tedious process and pay a lot of money for your website to go live. Thankfully, nowadays the process is much easier and a lot cheaper. 

But – a caveat remains.

To successfully host your site, and give your users the best possible experience, you must not haphazardly select just any hosting website and cross your fingers hoping everything will work out just fine. 

You see, it is an empirically verified fact that some hosting platforms are infinitely better than others. Now you may be wondering, isn’t the end goal of all hosting just to have your files and content posted on their server and sent to whoever visits you? Well yes, but you see despite the fact that the process is simple on the surface, you’d be surprised how many things can go wrong. 

This is why one of the most important things that you have to have in mind when choosing a hosting platform is the reliability of servers. 

Now obviously, any hosting platform you come across on the internet will definitely let you know that they have the most reliable servers ever created, but it is only after you start using them that you find out that your website just keeps going offline without any possible reason on your end.

Another thing to note is that since you’re going to be hosting adult content on your website, you can’t just go for any hosting platforms out there, this is because for some reason or another, many of the hosting platforms you’ll come across won’t agree to host your content since they are adult/pornographic in nature.

In fact, if you should choose to make use of just any host and find out later that they do not support adult content, you may just wake up one day and find out that all your website content, everything you worked so hard to put up, is gone. Disappeared just like that.

This is why the best way to choose a host, without a doubt, is by recommendation. 

Now before we make our recommendation as to the best hosting platforms for your adult site – a recommendation which is based on years of research and tons of split testing – it is worth mentioning that another thing you have to look out for when choosing the right host is customer service responsiveness. 

Because let’s face it, choosing a reliable host is great but no host is 100% reliable. No matter how good their infrastructures are, there is a high chance that something will probably go wrong, perhaps even on your end. And when something like this happens, you need a host that you can easily get in touch with, and that will fix whatever is wrong without wasting time unnecessarily.

And all of these are the areas where M3Server stands tall among the best of the best in the market today. In terms of reliability, very few hosting platforms can boast of being at the level you get here. Years of using the platforms, and the only downtime you’ll probably get is when you’re doing some technical updates that you can’t quite figure out on your own.

And speaking of needing help with configurations, another area where this platform thrives is in the area of customer service. The aim of a great customer service is to not be needed a lot, but to always be available and efficient the few times when they are needed. And this is the perfect way to summarize our experience with the M3Server customer service.

And of course, another key factor in our consideration is value for money and affordability. Now when it comes to choosing a hosting platform for your adult site, you want something that is of the highest enough quality, but also reasonable in its pricing.

Gone are the days when you can’t eat your cake and have it with these two factors. Thanks to the size of the market and the growing competition, more and more hosting platforms are able to provide utmost quality at great prices, and M3Server is one of them.

Along with all of this, you also get one free domain, one free SSL certificate that protects user information on your website, and a 60-day money-back guarantee on all of their plans (which you probably won’t even need because of how solid they are).

We have also endeavored to get an even better deal with them for all our readers. All you have to do is click on this link and you’ll get an 80% discount on your first order, along with the free domain name and daily backups.


Why You Shouldn’t Even Consider Free Hosting


Yes, there are platforms out there that claim to provide free hosting for your porn websites. Yes, many people including yours truly have tried this option to gauge just how much value they provide. The answer? Absolutely nothing.

Look, you can make a lot of money on your tube sites and porn sites, but you can only do this when you provide solid value for your visitors. You give them good content and reliable service, and in turn you earn money from their services.

The truth of the matter is that you simply cannot perform good service with a free hosting plan. Not only are these platforms remarkably shady and nefarious, but they also offer horrible reliability and support, which of course is expected since they really don’t owe you anything.

What they do is they lead you on with the promise of free stuff (and who doesn’t like free stuff?). So when you fall for this bait and start using their website, uploading your content, and working hard to populate your site with good value for your visitors, they then suspend their free service and force you to upgrade to their expensive plans.

They know that you have already spent so much time working on your website that you can’t afford to move to another host and not pay for their services. That way you’re stuck in no man’s land.

So in case you think that these free hosting platforms are some kinds of saints and saviors sent to deliver you from spending more money on your website, sadly we have bad news for you: they are not.

They are only there to entice you with freebies and rip you off in the end. We have personally tested a host of these platforms and found that they are always the same no matter what. So for any of our readers planning to maybe give them a try, our advice is simple: don’t.


Step 4: Decide on Your CMS (Content Management System)


Hint: Choose WordPress


It’s become a silently agreed upon fact in the world of web content management that WordPress is simply the best option when it comes to choosing a CMS for your platform. Their incredible market domination is a huge testament to this.

The best part is that WordPress doesn’t dominate the CMS market just because they spend a lot on advertisements or have a huge amount of money to blow. No, they are so popular on the CMS market because they offer incredible value. What’s more, the actual WordPress itself is available to you free of charge, even as an adult webmaster.

Now you may have to pay reputable third parties for certain themes and plugins, but the actual WordPress framework itself that you will be using to deliver your content, is available free of charge.

In fact, WordPress is so great at what it does, that so many websites – even established and internationally popular websites – opt to go with WordPress rather than to design their website from scratch. 

You see, the problem with designing your website from scratch is that there is a huge possibility that you will end up spending thousands and thousands of dollars for web developers to basically do the same thing that you will get with a quick WordPress installation and a few themes and plug-ins here and there.

That is why this method is so appealing to many people around the world, no matter how big you are or how little you are just starting out. And even if you happen to be a web developer yourself capable of writing the necessary codes to design a website from scratch, it is still advisable for you to save your strength and time, and instead focus on tweaking the codes that you have on a WordPress framework to get your website looking and feeling the way you want it.

This is also another area where a solid hosting recommendation comes into play. M3Server, which we recommended earlier, has everything you need in terms of WordPress capability. Once you’re done registering with them you are immediately given all the necessary tools to make your WordPress installation seamless and literally just one click away. 

And once you have your domain ready, your hosting secured, and your WordPress successfully installed, you may congratulate yourself because you are now officially a webmaster, or even more importantly, an adult webmaster.

In other words, you’re officially in business, and not just anywhere, but in the most lucrative market of the entire world wide web.


Step 5: Setting up Your Porn Site


As mentioned earlier, WordPress is only a framework for you to start building highly functional websites easily and without doing any actual coding for yourself. WordPress is so comprehensive in its design that, with the right themes and framework, you can build pretty much any website on it – in whatever niche or industry of your choosing.

So how exactly do you go about building an adult website on WordPress? Well the exact steps to pull this off depends on which porn niche you choose to go into. For instance, setting up a porn tube site on WordPress won’t require the same tools as, say, setting up an adult webcam modeling platform.

You don’t have to fret just yet, though, because below we’ll be taking a look at the in-depth step-by-step process required to seamlessly and successfully set up both a porn tube site and an adult webcam platform.


Setting up a Porn Tube Site


Porn tube sites are adult pornographic websites that provide a collection of mainstream or amateur content from a host of producers online. Porn Tube sites act as a sort of gallery where you can simply browse porn content from various sources instead of being confined to just one.

Examples of popular tube sites include Pornhub, XVdeos, XHamster, and many more like that. Now of course if you are going to be building a website to compete with the above name companies then you will have to spend a lot of money. But thankfully you don’t even have to compete with them to carve out a market for yourself and take full advantage of it. 

Thanks to the beauty of niching down, you can successfully carve out a category for yourself that you will dominate and get loads of search engine traffic for without having to be in direct competition with the big boys. 

So with the basic hosting, a free domain from w3server, a WordPress content management system, the right theme, and plug-ins, you’ll find that you’re automatically in business and your tube site is already up and running and filled with content. Sounds like magic, right? Well it really isn’t.


Getting Your Theme


If WordPress is the framework upon which everything is built, your theme is the exterior that gets displayed to your visitors. Every tube site has its own theme, but the best part about WordPress is that you can literally make your own website also appear like the most popular websites that have millions of dollars spent on their design looks.

And you don’t even have to spend more than $40 yourself. 

Now there are quite a few options for getting adult related and porn tube themes on WordPress, but the best option by far in our opinion is the Wp-Script themes. Wp-Script boasts of a handful of tube site themes that are remarkably impressive, to say the least.

Not only are these themes incredibly smooth to use, easy to install, and truly professional in their outlook, but they also have options to be the exact clones of some of the most popular tube sites in the world.

If for example, you want your website to look just like XVdeos, there is a Wp-Script for it. Once this is installed on your WordPress dashboard, you will find immediately that your site now loads exactly like XVdeos.

And once you begin to import video content onto it, you soon find that the only thing that differentiates your website from XVdeos is just the domain name. It is that effective.

They also offer theme options to make your site look like Pornhub, XHamster and others. The most popular option on the site is the Retrotube theme, which is a simple and elegant theme that is both fast and search engine optimized.

The ultima tube – which is something of a XHamster clone – is also quite popular. And despite the fact that all of the themes are capable of being clones for popular tube sites, they are also fully customizable, meaning if you want something truly original, you can customize them to reflect your own taste, fonts, colors, layout and so on.

Installing your Wp-Script themes is also super easy. All you have to do is pay to secure the active key for your dashboard, install the Wp-Script plugin, link your activation code, and all your products from Wp-Script are automatically imported and installed on your WordPress dashboard. Easy as it gets.


Get These Plug-Ins If You Can


WordPress, as mentioned earlier, is a comprehensive framework through which you can build pretty much any website. First thing you want to do is install WordPress, then install a theme. This way you already have your skeleton and exterior installed.

But to make all of this function in the best possible way, you still need something to pull it all together. Vital organs, so to speak. These are known as plug-ins on WordPress.

There are many plug-ins for different functions, just as there are many organs for different activities in the human body. What’s more, there are also unnecessary plug-ins, so you don’t have to go about downloading and installing every single plug-in you find.

For an optimally functional tube site, you only need the most important and absolutely necessary plug-ins. These tend to vary depending on your niche and personal requirements, but on a general level there are some plug-ins that are usually regarded as vital, and that most porn tube site owners can’t do without.

Below is a detailed list of some of these plug-ins.


  • Ken Player Plugin


Having a tube site without a video player doesn’t really make sense. And while you may find yourself lucky with a default video player, for the very best value for your visitors, you don’t want a cheap, default video player.

Not only are they totally unreliable and prone to lag, sometimes some of them don’t project the utmost quality that you ideally want your visitors to get whenever they visit your website so that they can return on their own.

You also want to have absolute control over your video player so as to have complete authority over your video ads display. Not only do you want to be in charge of the ads you put up on your website, you also want to be able to remove annoying and unstoppable ads that make the browsing experience a terrible one for your visitors.

And as you’ll see soon enough, you will probably be doing a lot of embedding on your tube site, and as such will need to remove redirection ads from Pornhub, XVdeos, Red tube, YouPorn and others. Ken Player can do all of this for you.

It only costs $59, and once you make this one-time payment you are entitled to make use of your plug-in on 30 domains. This is particularly important for webmasters who choose to own more than one tube site, and even those who may want to start with one but have plans of expanding to more sites in the future.

And perhaps above any other reason, you should consider getting the ken player plug-in because it has an undeniable effect on reducing bounce rate. Bounce rate is the rate at which people leave your website after viewing just one page. Now if you offer a terrible video player with unskippable ads and redirecting images from big tube sites, you are sure to lose a lot of visitors within the first minute of them arriving on your site.

This plug-in put an end to all of that.


  • Wp-Script Mass Embedder Plug-In


Another important plug-in to have is the one that actually imports videos on to your tube sites. You see, there are generally two ways of populating your tube site with content once it is initially up. 

Through import and embedding, and through direct uploads.

Obviously, you can have all your themes and frameworks installed smoothly and beautifully, but you will have no visitors and make no money if there is no actual video content on your website. It is a porn site after all, and that is the only reason people are going to visit.

Now the direct upload method involves you actually downloading porn videos from different sources on the internet, and then uploading them to your tube site as you please whenever you please.

This method, obviously, is remarkably tedious and may require hiring an assistant to pull off correctly without getting easily frustrated. And that is why the second method exists.

You see, instead of having to directly download and upload your video on your tube site, you can instead simply install the mass embedder plugin, run this plugin, and automatically import and embed content from hundreds upon hundreds of popular tube websites.

For instance, with this plug-in you can simply login, ask it to bring up every porn video on Pornhub in the “big ebony ass” category, and immediately once you click import, all of these videos will be imported on your site. As you can see, this is obviously a lot less stressful than direct downloads and uploads.

Apart from saving you from a lot of stress and extra work, using this method also saves you a lot of money. You see, uploading content directly onto your server takes up space. And the more space your website takes up, the more you have to pay for a server.

So if you directly upload all of these files on your server — and as a tube site you will be having thousands upon thousands of video content on your site — you are likely to take up an incredible amount of space and have to pay a lot of money just for hosting and server costs. 

This is really not advisable unless you’re already a big adult website making at least hundreds of thousands of dollars every month.

Importing and embedding videos automatically ensures that the videos are on your site, clickable and watchable by whoever visits your web page, but the actual video files are situated on another server, belonging to the original website you embedded the video from.

What’s more, with the right search engine optimization and customization, you will also be able to gain tons and tons of search engine traffic from these videos without having to pay the server costs for hosting them on your site.

So in essence, you’re officially enjoying all of the benefits without having to pay for it. 


Where to Get Adult Content for Embedding


As mentioned earlier, you can get your adult tube videos embedded from pretty much any popular tube website on the internet using the WP mass embedder plug-in from wp-script. But what exactly determines which tube site you should get your content from? Obviously when you have the option to choose between adult tube sites like XVideos, Pornhub, RedTube, YouPorn, XHamster and the likes, it is usually quite difficult to make a definitive decision. 

Some tube webmasters, in fact, just choose to go for any and all of them – which you can also do, but honestly, we wouldn’t really call this the best option. We wouldn’t call it the best option because to give your users the best experience, you want a level of uniformity in the content you offer. 

Now obviously if you already have a preference for a personal best porn tube site in mind, making a decision will be a lot easier as you can just choose to go with that. But if you don’t, then we would advise you to make use of either one of Pornhub, RedTube XHamster, or XVdeos, simply because of their popularity. 

And of course if you please, you can also go for a more obscure outlook by going for the less popular but little more unique websites.

It is also worth noting that all of the steps in this process, including the importing and the embedding of the videos on your site, are very legal and even encouraged by the tube sites that you are embedding from. 

So you don’t have to worry that you’re doing anything wrong because you are not. They want you to embed their videos on your site as a way to get more exposure for their sites. And in the process, you get to earn a lot of money from search engines and direct traffic. 

It is literally a win-win for all parties involved, including the visitors.


 Creating an Adult Cam Site


Building an adult tube site like Pornhub, XVdeos, RedTube and the likes is only one of the numerous ways you can make money in the adult market. Another popular and highly effective way of doing this is by starting an adult cam site of your own.

Adult cam websites are different from porn tube websites in the sense that with cam sites, your emphasis is focused solely on camgirls and cam models in general instead of a wide range of niche hardcore videos that you find on tube sites.

Creating an adult cam site can be just as lucrative or even more so than creating a tube site. And we’re here to show you just how this is done.

As it was with tube sites, creating an adult cam site used to be an incredibly tedious task, not just in terms of the actual work you had to put in to make sure your site is up and running correctly, but also in the sheet amount of money and resources you had to spend to get the most basic of websites up. 

Nowadays, however, things are much different. Instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars now you can get your adult cam site up and running with only a hundred dollars. What’s more, the profit potential in this niche is so remarkable that within just a few months of work, you may find yourself earning a smooth and consistent 4-figure return already. And from there on, the sky’s the limit regarding what you can achieve.

Another cool thing about it is that you don’t even have to start begging cam models to come to your site. You don’t have to interact with anybody or spend a ton of money on promotion, with the right tools you’ll find yourself up and running in no time.

By the right tool, of course, we mean the right script that helps you embed all the content you need, make the appropriate SEO optimization and customization, and serve your content to your visitors in a new and refreshed way.


The Right Plugin


For this we recommend the popular Roboscript from One of the things that strike at you about their plugin for cam sites is the elegance and simplicity of their themes and embedding plug-ins.

One thing you really want to get across to your visitors as the owner of a cam site is that your website looks attractive and is easy to navigate. So many cam sites are filled with too much jam-packed content that navigating them becomes a chore, and many new visitors are discouraged from returning. The scripts here, however, produce something very minimalist and yet comprehensive in its delivery, which is exactly what you should be going for.

Furthermore, getting your script here also saves you a lot of money. We have tested a lot of similar products in the past, and tested even more before preparing this guide, and we say that in terms of cost – value ratio, very few sites out there even come close to giving you the overall benefits that you get with this one.

It is so popular among adult webmasters and affiliate marketers for this very reason. They also have a very friendly and efficient customer service response.

Installing the package on your WordPress dashboard is as easy as it comes, but if you ever need help with the more technical part of the process you can rest assured that someone is always around to help you with it.

Another interesting part about using the cam plug-in pro from Roboscript is their automatic text spinner. To get the most unique SEO results for your website, embedding alone is not enough, you have to make sure all your videos and other content are unique enough by tweaking the title and description. This is where the automatic text spinner comes into play.

It handles all of this for you, thereby effectively eliminating the need for you to waste time doing it yourself or waste money paying someone else to.


Start Making Money as an Affiliate


Setting up your porn website is one thing, monetizing it is another. So after you’re done getting everything required to have your porn website up and running and having filled the site with enough quality content that is also SEO optimized, the next step is to find a way to monetize your website.

The very best webmasters monetize through promoting adult affiliate offers. And again in this area, there has been a revolution in the way things are done. You see, in the past it used to be that the very best way to earn a lot of money as an adult affiliate is to promote big porn sites that required users to pay to access their content.

Adult webmasters used to make a lot of money in this way. Sadly, though, things have changed. Nowadays if you promote pay sites on your website, you may as well say goodbye to efficient maximization of your profit potential.

Of course we know what we’re talking about because we have tried all of these methods. We have achieved a high level of success with pay sites in the past and we were also aware of the very moment things began to turn sour. Nowadays you lose nothing less than 5 times your ideal revenue when you promote pay sites. 

So what exactly is the right product for adult affiliates at the present moment? Well, it is now nothing other than webcam offers. You see not too long ago, porn lovers shifted their attention from wanting to pay to see recorded videos of people having sex, to wanting to see people having sex live.

The advantage of promoting cam offers over pay sites IS numerous. For starters, when it comes to fulfilling personal experience, nothing beats cam platforms. People visit these platforms to get an up-close-and-personal look at their favorite models doing sexy things live on camera. 

What’s more, not only can they feel personally involved in this process they can also request for private shows where they literally have one-on-one time with a sexy automobile that they’ve always dreamt of. Surely nothing can top this.

Add this to the fact that they can also continuously chat with them, interact with them, and get personalized content from them, and you start to get a better picture of why more and more people are spending their money on cam platforms. 

This is why we would advise that as an adult webmaster the majority of your focus should be on promoting adult cam platforms and tapping into this vast potential. The key thing is to find an affiliate platform with a variety of cam offers that give you the best return for your efforts.

And yes, the good news here is that such affiliate platforms exist. In fact, we have been using a couple of them for a while now and our experience with them has been nothing short of pleasant, so much so that we can confidently recommend them for anyone looking to enjoy the highest benefits one can get from being an adult affiliate marketer.


The Two Best Webcam Affiliate Programs


Webcam offers are the new gold. And finding platforms that offer the best options is a must for any adult webmaster looking to maximize their profit potential. Of all the platforms out there, though, two stand heads and shoulders above the rest: AWEmpire, and CrakRevenue.


Make Money with AWEmpire


AWEmpire has been around for a while, and despite the onslaught of new competitors, they always manage to retain their status at the top of the pile. What sets AWEmpire apart from the rest of the pile? Basically, it is none other than their comprehensive model.

Their emphasis is usually on offering the best products and improving on these at every chance. This is why every adult affiliate marketer always leaves room in their monetization plan to at least consider promoting some of the offers on AWEmpire. 

Furthermore, their payment structure is also highly impressive. On a basic level, they pay their affiliates up to 45% commission on successful sales through referrals. And what’s more if you happen to have a strong website that generates a high volume of sales to the platform, you can leverage this to negotiate an even higher percentage.

Yes, there are platforms out there that offer a higher basic percentage than AWEmpire, but when it comes to efficiency and conversion, none of these come close to being on the same level as they are. 

And as an affiliate marketer, one thing that’s even more important than the commission percentage is the rate of conversion, because there is really no point earning a 90% commission on a product that fails to convert. Every smart marketer would rather earn 40% on a product with a really high conversion rate.

It takes less than a minute to register and become an affiliate with AWEmpire. All you have to do is click on this link to get started as fast as possible.

Make Money with CrakRevenue


CrakRevenue is one of the best, biggest, and most popular adult affiliate outfits out there. Their huge reputation for excellence and consistency has been garnered in such a relatively little amount of time because they came and took the market by storm in a way no one could have predicted.

The wide range of their offers along with the ease and efficiency with which they operate was a source of pleasant surprise to many adult affiliate marketers who have become so frustrated with the way the industry was going thanks to the number of terrible and vile adult affiliate companies that kept creeping up at the time.

Thankfully, with CrakRevenue affiliates found an outfit that they can count on not just to get incredible offers that aren’t available elsewhere, but also one they could trust to reward them appropriately without shaving off their hard-earned commissions.

When it comes to CPA rewards, also known as cost per action, CrakRevenue is without question the very best platform out there. They win tons of awards every year that confirms this, but even without the awards any adult marketer who works with them would usually be quick to attest to this fact.

If convenience and variety are what you’re looking for, then CrakRevenue offers that in abundance. There are more than 1000 offers available in the webcam niche on this platform. Any serious marketer will always find sometimes great to promote, no matter their sub-niche. 

Among their well-known cam offering sponsors include Camsoda, Bongacams, I’m Live, Live Jasmin, Slut Roulette, Cam4, along with fan favorites Streamate and MyFreeCams. 

Virtually all of these sites are known for their remarkably high conversion rate.

Adult affiliate marketers who have worked with other affiliate outfits before making the shift to CrakRevenue are always amazed at how easier, smoother, better, and just overall more advanced the platform is compared to its competitors.

Apart from the cam offers, you will also find a wide variety of dating offers on this platform. We recommend that you set aside a little time to test out these dating products as well, because from personal experience, we’ve found that they can also be very profitable, especially when done right.

Another soothing part of using CrakRevenue is their auto generated smartlink. As mentioned earlier, there are more than enough offers on the platform for everyone. Now sometimes this can become too overwhelming. If you fall into this category, you don’t have to spend too much time deciding on which offer is right for you.

You can simply just click on the smart link tool, and the system will automatically generate a link for you that is capable of changing on your website based on the best performing offers for your niche, location, category, browser, or device of your current visitor.

It is also worth noting that after you submit your application, CrakRevenue takes a little bit of time to review and approve your account. You don’t have to worry, though, as long as you fill in your details correctly and are truthful regarding your traffic source, your account will be approved, and you can start promoting their offers immediately.


Why You Should Choose Revshare Program for Cam Offers


Apart from the basic pay per sale commissions available on CrakRevenue, you also have a choice to choose the Revshare payment commission system. And ultimately nine times out of ten, we always recommend the latter for our readers.

Why Revshare, you ask? Well first of all, here’s a quick info about what Revshare is in the first place. You see, a Revshare offer, as opposed to a pay per sale or pay per sign up offer, gives you a lifetime commission on every single dollar spent by those you refer to these platforms. 

So let’s say a platform chooses to pay you $1 per signup, or $1 per initial sale on a one-time basis, a Revshare program will continue to pay you a commission every time the people you refer successfully spend money on that platform, for as long as they remain there.

This way, you can literally just sit back and relax and watch the money roll in without lifting a finger. Of course you wouldn’t want to rest because you know that the best way to earn even more is to compound your referrals. 

So imagine referring thousands of people to a platform and all of them keep spending money every month. And you, in turn, keep earning substantial commissions on every single dollar that they spend. It literally doesn’t get any better than this.


Putting in the Work


So there you have it. If you’ve followed us every step of the way so far, then you pretty much have the absolute blueprint of making money online through adult affiliate marketing. And trust us when we say that the profit potential of this is huge and pretty much endless.

With just a hundred dollars, you can get everything ready to dominate the market. 

And finally, while we’ve recommended a handful of tools and automated software above that will make everything easy and seamless for you, the truth is, you still have to put in a lot of work and dedication to stand out and rise above your competitors.

This hard work and dedication include proper search engine optimization of your embedded content, proper off page optimization to increase your search engine ranking, market research to improve on what you’re offering your visitors, and other tiny bits of adjustment here and there. 

Once you do this, you can be sure that you’re well on your way to earning remarkable income as an adult affiliate webmaster. Don’t forget to let us know how you feel in the comments, and we wish you good luck with your new porn website.